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Reed diffusers are a great way to add long-lasting constant fragrance to your home without worrying about an open flame. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. They last until all the fragrance oil evaporates.

Please check the scent box (to the right of the photos) and select the diffuser you want to purchase.

Reed Diffusers are available in the following scents:

  • Apple Cinnayum – As cozy and warm as being curled up on the couch under a soft blanket, in front of a roaring fire.  This delicious blend contains apples, cinnamon, spices, and vanilla.  Yummy!
  • Blessed – Feeling grateful, thankful, and blessed?  This smooth, smoky and rich scent is perfect for filling your heart with happiness.  This subtle yet intoxicating blend contains frankincense, myrrh and vanilla sandalwood.
  • Carolina Sky – Fresh as a crisp mountain morning as the sun cascades through the pines. Amazing, intoxicating, uncommon, soft & yet strong! It’s a scent that just makes your soul happy.
  • Christmas in Florida – Our signature holiday scent blends holiday flowers, spices, balsam and pine with mandarin oranges.  As wonderful as Christmas day spent in the sunshine while wearing flip flops.
  • Daydreams – Any day is a beautiful day for a daydream especially if it is this dreamy, happy, aromatic scent. The beautiful rich floral contains a garden full of flowers including tuberose & jasmine, along with musk, & vanilla sandalwood.
  • Golden Gardenia – Want the prefect fragrance for a romantic evening?  This may be it – the heady scent of gardenias with a full-bodied rich sweet amber musk.  Dim the lights, flip the reeds, and snuggle with the one you love.
  • Hootenanny – A deep woodsy scent containing earthy fir, cedar and moss with spices, fruits & a hint of bergamot and green musk.  Like a walk through a magical forest as you encounter woodland creatures, owls, and fairies dancing a jig.
  • Inhale/Exhale – Feeling run down, stuffy headed or just blah? Breathe in this eucalyptus and peppermint blend – it will clear the cobwebs and your sinuses! Does NOT cause drowsiness or affect your ability to operate heavy machinery.
  • Mandarin Cranberry – Tropical islands and magical fruit is the calling of mandarin orange blended with tangy cranberries and spices.  Very popular during the holidays but you’ll find it so scrumptious that you’ll love it anytime of the year.
  • Moondance – This is a marvelous exotic, sultry combination of patchouli and saffron with a touch of sugared lemon, red rose blended with warm spices.  A fantabulous scent that you’ll love to the moon & back.
  • Ooo La La! – Cue the accordion music and don your beret… This fragrance is like a fine French perfume – romantic and intoxicating!  Florals, fruits, musk, patchouli & spices are just some of the notes in this melodious scent.
  • Parisian Vanilla – As smooth as pure rich & creamy classic French ice cream. This delicious Parisian vanilla soy candle is that of caramelized custard with egg yolk and slightly floral – tres magnifique!
  • Peace, Love, & Patchouli – It’s like a far-out deep scent combining notes of patchouli & Asian oud wood, man.  You’ll totally love this earthy and harmonious blend.  This scent will make your bell-bottomed, love bead soul happy.
  • Plumeria in Paradise – An amazing fragrance of sweet blossoms like those used to make Hawaiian leis.  Breathe in the scent of intoxicating and wonderful plumerias – Aloooooha!
  • Sparkling Ginger Grapefruit – Some people love this scent, others REALLY love this blend of clean, sparkling fresh, ginger and grapefruit.  So like the song asks, “How deep is your love” for this wonderful fragrance?
  • Surfer Dude – Surfs up!  The swoon-worthy scent of cool water type cologne combined with coconut that will leave you as totally stoked as a surfer who has spent a day shredding the waves.  Cowabunga, dude.
  • Valencia Vanilla – This scent is SaWeet!  An awesome blend of sweet oranges and rich vanilla bean.  This warm, full-bodied, and intoxicating aroma will fill your home with yummy goodness!
  • Well Hello Handsome – The name says it all; if a scent could be handsome, then that is how we would describe this one. A deep rich cologne, swoon-worthy type of fragrance. Hubba, hubba!

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Apple Cinnayum, Blessed, Carolina Sky, Christmas in Florida, Daydreams, Golden Gardenia, Hootenanny, Inhale/Exhale, Mandarin Cranberry, Moondance, Ooo La La!, Parisian Vanilla, Peace, Love, & Patchouli, Plumeria in Paradise, Sparkling Ginger Grapefruit, Surfer Dude, Valencia Vanilla, Well Hello Handsome


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