Crazy Cat Lady 13 oz



Do you talk to your pets and swear that they answer back? How about dressing them up, esp. in mommy and me outfits? Then perhaps one, or more of your friends and family have called you that Crazy Cat  Lady. We can relate! To celebrate all you crazy moms, whose babies have fur and purr  we now offer a Crazy Cat Lady candle which combines oranges and lavender, with patchouli. Absolutely purrrrfect!.

20% of the sale of each candle goes to  Save Our Strays

To ensure a quality product, each candle contains natural soy wax and the finest fragrances (dibutyl phthalate free), along with a cotton core wick. The candles are hand-poured into bell-shaped glass containers and decorated with a satin ribbon and charm.

Burn time is: 50+ hours

Note: True soy wax candles will often have a frosted appearance which is not a flaw nor does it change the scent or burning properties of the candle.


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